Sunday, January 15, 2012

An Instagram Happy List

1. Having the boyfriend surprise me with flowers

2. Presents from friends

3. Starting new books

4. Eating at Panera

5. Relying on a Snuggy to keep you warm

6. Driving on foggy mornings

7. That my family's Christmas tree is still up

8. Pretty yarn

 9. Accidentally dressing like twins

10. Consuming too much candy and soda

11. Receiving postcards in the mail

12. Bagel dates

13. Playing with Scrabble tiles

14. Evenings spent reading

What are some things that make you happy?


  1. i love the leapord print and the "keep calm" shirt. :)

    your style is so artistic and beautiful!


  2. Thanks for the sweet compliments Erin! The shirt is actually a bag, but I know isn't it cute? :)

    <3 Leney

  3. Oh, I love bagels. So yummy! And by the way, I tagged you in the versatile blog award in my latest post :)

  4. For some reason, that salad looks like the best thing EVER right now. And, a bagel sounds pretty good too! And receiving mail is always amazing- especially cool postcards!

    Hope your having a wonderful weekend!


  5. you had me at "eating at panera"

    nothing compares!

  6. Cute pics! My husband I love playing with Scrabble tiles:)

    Adding your blog to my list of daily reads!



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