Monday, February 18, 2013

Little Red Riding Hood

It's been almost a month since I mentioned that I did a fairtytale themed shoot with a new friend and some of my hand knits.
Well, I'm finally getting around to sharing the images from the shoot!
Stephanie did such an amazing job on them, even now I am still in awe! She really is one of the most talented photographers I've met and she was so much fun to work with on this project.
It became quite the collaborative effort in fact and I met a lot of awesome people and made a few new friends in the process.
A huge thanks to everyone is definitely in order!
Couldn't have done it without all of these super talented people.

I'm sure you can guess what the theme is without even having to read the title of the post.
(Grandmother... what big ears you have...)
Enjoy the photos!

Photographer: Stephanie Toll of 88 Love Stories
Model: Caitlin Williamson
Makeup: Krista Rose
Wardrobe and Knits: Me


All pieces in the photos are now available in the shop!

Be sure to check out Stephanie and James of 88 Love Stories and their beautiful photography on their...
See Stephanie's Little Red post on the 88 Love Stories Blog here


  1. These are Gorgeous Leney! Breathtaking <3

  2. these are so, so gorgeous. i'm never going to get over the one where her face and the dog's face are one. friggin brilliant. speaking of which, where in the world did you find a wolf dog?!

  3. Amazing + so creative. You inspire me

    Bettina @

  4. Your makeup is GORGEOUS! Just found your blog through Nicole, loving it. :)


  5. so pretty! you did a great job! i absolutely love the one with the dog and the girl combined. awesome. :)

  6. the double exposure shot!!!! beautiful knits as well :)

  7. These are AMAZING! Wow, you have such a gift in photography! :)

  8. HOW does she get her hair to curl so perfectly!? What products did she use??


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