Monday, June 9, 2014

Collaboration | Blackbird Tees

Remember me talking about Blackbird Tees awhile back?
Well I'm super excited to finally be able to share some photos with you of some of their awesome shirts!
I seriously love all of Jody and Karl's designs. I wear the Full Moon Raglan Pullover in particular all the time. In fact, I think I'm actually in denial that it's summer now and technically a little too warm to wear it as often as I do...
Please go over and check out their shop! They have so many lovely things up for sale. Like these leggings, cute totes, and cool stuff for guys too.
And hey Richmonders, they reside right here in RVA!
So what better way to shop local?

These photos were taken by Meagan, all on film. 
Talk about beautiful right? I swear, that lady is so talented.

This post is sponsored by Jody and Karl of Blackbird Tees. You can find their shop here as well as find them on Facebook,Twitter and Instagram
All photos taken by Meagan Abell Photography.


  1. You & Meagan certainly know how to make a couple of screen-printers feel special. Thank you so much for the lovely feature and beautiful photos!

  2. I love all the outfits that you paired with the t-shirts!!! Well done! And lovely photography :)

  3. Love the denim vest / skirt ensemble. Fun, kicky. Clothes that make a (great) statement.

  4. It may be a stupid question, but what is RVA?

    Also, I loooove that skirt.

    1. Not a stupid question at all!
      RVA stands for Richmond, Virginia. It's an abbreviation people from here use ;)


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